Michael and Esther in the Azores.

Hey, we’re Esther and Michael—artists, career changers, and pho enthusiasts.

We take inspiration from Polynesian navigators—aka wayfinders—who sailed thousands of miles without navigational tools and instead, paid close attention to nature, observing the stars, reading wind currents and ripples on the ocean surface to find their direction.

This is our wayfinding story about our search for artistic flexibility, financial freedom, and well-being. And doing it on our own terms. All while learning how to sail, working remotely, and living on our 35’ sailboat named “Hope” (with pets in tow). 😝

As we share our experiences (successes and, well, challenges too), we hope you’ll find inspiration, humor, and stories about self-reliance and community.

Kid beside telephone booth.
Outift by mom.

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