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We’ll talk with inspiring folk about what “work” looks like for them and how to strive for that elusive thing we all seem to search for (whether it exists or not) called balance. Hilarity and some tears—and yes, inspiration and learning—will surely ensue.

So if you’re looking to hear about sh*tty work experiences (come on, we’ve all had them), infamous ways people have left toxic jobs, how to make transformative changes, and anything in between and beyond, let’s get together!

And if you want to nominate someone in your life—perhaps yourself—who has an inspiring story about wayfinding towards a chosen path related to work and well-being, drop us a line at wayfindersnow@gmail.com and let us know why they might be a great fit for the podcast. Thanks!

Cassette player and cassette.
Photo by Simone Acquaroli.

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